Bioanalytics + Diagnostics + Multiplex Assay Development

Projects in Focus

The clinical use of microarrays is particularly interesting for the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases.

INTER-ARRAY is engaged in the detection of antibiotic resistance based on microarrays, as they allow the simultaneous detection of many parameters.

Autoantibody screening via microarrays test is crucial for the timely detection, diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Bioanalytics encompasses all analytical methods and products that provide information about human and environmental processes in the life sciences. INTER-ARRAY develops sophisticated bioanalytical and diagnostic methods that are advanced to real-world applications. The focus is on microtechnologies, which are skillfully used to establish state-of-the-art assay systems for a variety of analytes. Using the fundamentals of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and medicine and excellent technological expertise, research projects in the fields of medicine, environment and pharmaceuticals can be addressed. Partners from all over the world are welcome for joint research projects.

Development of a universal multiplex microarray platform for enzyme immuno-logical diagnostics using vector-borne veterinary infections as an example

Multiplexed detection system for virus detection based on graphene field effect transistors

Research and Development

Rapid and economical POC tests for deter-mination of immune status and bacterial resistance factors

All microarray platforms, supported by
INTER-ARRAY, are suitable for allergy and food intolerance diagnostics.

INTER-ARRAY produces DNA arrays for the diagnostic repertoire in cancer detection and treatment.

In veterinary medicine, the aspect of low sample volume required for microarrays, which is important in small animals, is a key advantage.